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Piano Piano is a process, a walk in which through architecture  

we find, as Alison and Peter Smithson used to say,

the basic needs elevated to a poetic level:

the simple life well done.


Piano Piano is Maria Donnini and Maria Grifo, architects from the ETSA of València. From our time in Italy and Portugal we have learned to appreciate the taste for detail, the delicacy and the beauty of the simple things, that find elegance in the millimeter and in the appropriate combination of texture and color. We also learned to work on what has already been built and we discovered the respect that this kind of architecture professes, whether cultured or coming from non-architects. But at the same time, we learned to value architecture as a profession, in a practical sense, but also in a theoretical sense, which we think it’s very important nowadays.

All of them are issues that we apply in our projects and daily work.

We understand the process of making architecture as a universe made up of a multitude of arbitrary and fascinating things that have no value if they persist alone, but they can give an adequate response if combined in a common narrative discourse.



Photography by Milena Villalba