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Housing equity… I still don’t know what it means, but I like how it sounds

The list of texts and analyses that we, those interested in inhabiting and domesticity, read in these strange days due to the long shadow projected by the COVID-19 is infinite. However it is understandable, since almost without realizing it, circumstances have forced us to be confined in our houses, which have become necessarily the place in which we are forced to carry out all the daily activities that we used to perform in very different environments….

Our spaces with name and surname

Let’s make a memory exercise: think at squares or parks where we have felt at ease, and, for an unknown reason, we have pleasant memories from different stages of our lives. Let’s do it with the eyes of the profane, of those who are not aware of their concerns related to the city. Let’s think of those places in which the experiences we have lived there make us smile, urban spaces in which our memories have been formed…

The beginnings

Not sure if for better or worse, the truth is that we have started our professional career in a post-post crisis stage. In a way, we take a kind of an optimistic approach, since it allows us to look at it in a different way. Not with anxiety, as those who were at the top of their careers in the pre-crisis period, and who lived the crisis and post-crisis with distrust, but (at least that is our intention) with good judgment and an  appropriate distance…